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These days, customers know they can count on us to provide them with quality furniture for every room in their home. We maintain a large and diverse collection of home furnishings with options available for every budget. We sell affordable brand name furniture for your dining room and living room, as well as bedroom furniture and mattresses for children and adults. We have a collection of home office furniture as well, in addition to fashionable home accents , including storage chests , accent chests , and so much more.

Our Customer Service Guarantee

While customers are free to shop our furniture collection online, we recommend they visit one of our brick-and-mortar stores to get the full customer service experience. Come into any one of our furniture showrooms, and our customer service professionals will be happy to answer any of your furniture questions or even offer helpful home design tips. We are proud to currently have over 300 dedicated and hard-working employees who have built up our business’ reputation of offering exceptional name brand furniture and mattresses paired with outstanding customer service!

At our discounted furniture store, we promise you an enjoyable furniture shopping experience and the best and most professional furniture delivery crews in the area. Also, we ensure that your new furniture purchase will be in stock, on sale, and delivered to your home with NEXT DAY delivery guaranteed! To find out more about the great products and services we have to offer, come visit Home Furniture Plus Bedding today. You can visit us in Lafayette, LA or at any one of our eight locations.

Shop online, or at one of our eight furniture and mattress showrooms today. We have over 40,000 furniture and mattress options to choose from – and they are all in stock! And your new furniture can be Delivered and Set Up with our NEXT DAY Delivery – Guaranteed! Our flagship furniture store is located in Lake Charles, LA. Our expansion efforts began in 1972, and we now have two furniture showrooms in Lafayette, LA, two huge showrooms in Baton Rouge, LA, and one in historic New Iberia, LA. And for our Texas customers, you can now shop affordable furniture and mattresses with us in Beaumont, TX or Nederland, TX in Jefferson County.


In 1945, Home Furniture Company was established by George P. Fleming in Lake Charles, Louisiana. George founded the Home Furniture store with the goal of providing superior quality furniture and mattresses at a price that customers could easily afford. In 1972, his furniture store was passed on to his son, George E. (Ged) Fleming, who opened a new location in Lafayette, Louisiana. Since the passing of Mr. Ged Fleming in April 2012, Home Furniture Plus Bedding is now owned by his wife, Karol. Our discount furniture store has grown significantly since it was first founded, and we can now boast multiple locations throughout the Southern US. Additionally, as of June 2006, Home Furniture Plus Bedding began centralized distribution operations with the addition of a 450,000 square foot furniture and mattress distribution center located in Lafayette, Louisiana.
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Tips on Choosing Furniture for Children
Tips on Choosing Furniture for Children

Best Furniture Choices for Small Children

Having small children in the house doesn’t mean you are sentenced to years of ugly cushion stains and slipcovers. Your space has to work for every member of your family. Trying to maintain a “magazine quality” home with two toddlers is virtually impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely space. The trick lies in your furniture choices.

In the Kitchen

Kids, big or small, spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s important to make choices that will let them feel comfortable and safe. Small tables are perfect for eat-in kitchens and toddlers. Save your dining room from the big messes! A round table is great for minimizing bumps and bruises on corners. Also, bench seating is perfect for kids to pile together at meal time.

If you have a high counter top or an island, you may also want to consider the types of stools you choose. A sturdy barstool, that doesn’t swivel or have a fabric seat is your best choice. It makes clean up a breeze, and kids can climb on and off easily.

In the Living Room

Almost every parent has had the experience of watching their toddler fall on, or near-miss, the corner of a coffee table. It’s not the best idea to have sharp edges or pointed objects scattered throughout your living room.

In order to create a safer environment for small children, consider using a round option. That way your little ones can run around without the corners catching their heads. You can also opt for an upholstered ottoman that serves as an extra seat and one less hard surface.

Kids have a way of creating messes out of thin air. Your living room furniture will have to pull double duty, serving as stylish elements while also working as storage. Ottomanstypically open from the top and offer ample space to store blankets, games, and toys. If you have the space, get a few of them and add lots of extra seating and storage. You can also look for a Coffee Table that offers extra space inside. Some slide open while others offer cabinet style doors. These tables can offer a convenient place to stow all sorts of items that may pile up in the living room.

The Kids’ Bedroom

Once your children move from the crib to a “big kid” bed, the options are endless. If you have kids sharing a room, bunkbeds are a natural choice. They are wonderful for added storage and for a room shared by kids with an age gap. If your child has their own room, consider a full bed that will grow with them. A daybed is also a great option for sleepovers and overnight guests. Daybeds can also be a real space saver if your child’s room is on the small side. Plus, you don’t have to worry about an adventurous toddler jumping from the top bunk.

Make choices in every room that will let your child relax and be rambunctious while still maintaining the overall look and feel of your home. It might take a little more forethought, but a happy home is worth it!

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Traditional Furniture for Your Traditional Style Home
traditional bed

Comforting and classic are the hallmarks of a traditional style home. These cozy pieces never seem to go out of style and beg for the space to be calm and orderly. Nothing wild or outlandish, just an elegant space meant to be an escape from the world. Traditional rooms are not ostentatious but often feel somewhat formal. Furniture pieces are often reproductions or “new takes” on furniture from an earlier time.

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Treat Yourself to A Home Theater with the Perfect Furniture
image of home theater projector

Not every home needs a new home theater, but maybe you really want one! Perhaps the kids have outgrown the toy room? Or maybe your home office is large enough to serve a dual purpose? A home theater is a perfect compromise for the entire family.

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